Erasmus+ - A trip to Italy

Monday, 2nd May 2022: Trip to Bari

The Trip startet at 6am in the morning. We and Mrs. Fricke met at the Einstein Gymnasium in Rheda and drove to the airport of Münster. There also joined the German coordinator Mr. Grote and we all flew to the huge airport of Munich. After a short stay the plane flew us to the airport of the beautiful city of Bari.

Because we arrived pretty early, the Italien coordinator Daniela took us up and we got a private city tour of Bari. We visited the Banksy museum and learned a lot about the history of Bari. After a short break with eating delicios pasta we went to the Basilika San Nicola. This is the one of the most popular churches of South Italy.

After the tour we went to the hotel and orded pizza. After our delicios dinner we went to bed because we all were exhausted by the flight and the city tour.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2022: 1st day at school

The day started at 7.30am at breakfast. All students from Estonia, Germany and Portugal came to the dining room and took their breakfast. At 8.15am a small bus came to the hotel and drove us to the school called I.I.S.S. Consoli-Pinto school. The school name was given by one of the most popular chefs in South Italy.
We all went into the basement of the school and there was a restaurant. We went into a second room and got some cookies and a espresso. After the small break daniela introduced the Italien stundents and we all had time so speak with them.
After that the coordinator of Italy Daniela and the German coordinator hold a speech about the aims of the project as well as showing the region Apulien and the city Bari.

Later the whole group was separated and the Italiens gave us a tour of their school. In the school is a museum of the founder of the I.I.S.S. Consoli-Pinto school. There were also some buildings recreated out of sugar.
The tour ended at the kitchen in the basement. There we learned how to make a typical tradition food of Apulien called Panzerotti. Panzerotti is like dough with a tomato and mozerella filling which is closed like calzone pizza. Then the panzerotti is fired in oil instead of baking in a oven.

When the food was finished we all went to the dining room in school and eat the fresh cooked food. There was more than Panzerotti but most of it is made with tomato, mozerella and dough. There also was a dessert which was made of of fresh fruits and small chocolate or wild berry puddings.

When the dining was finished we went outside and played volleyball together. At the afternoon the first workshop started. We created a tumburllo which is a traditionell instrument in Apulien. A tumburello is something like a tambourine but without the area of hitting. Furthermore, it is also decorated.

When the workshop ended we all went to a ice cream store and bought the most delicios ice cream we had there.
Coming back to the school a bus picked us up and drove us back to the hotel. Around 7pm we all went to the city and met the Italiens again and went to a restaurant with the stundents and eat pizza or huge panzerotti. The teachers went to an other restaurant and eat pasta.
At 10pm the parents of the students picked us up and drove us to the hotet. There the second day ended for us.

Wednesday, 4th May 2022, 2nd day at school

After breakfast we were picked up from the hotel by a large tour bus at 8am. We met the Italian students at the school and drove together to Rutigliano. There we went to a small house with a pottery workshop. The old and experienced owner Antonio, called Tononino, showed us how to create bowls, vases and pots out of clay. Then some volunteers tried to craft whistles for which Tononino is very famous in the area. He told us very much about the tradional manufacture of his products. Later we had time to visit his shop and buy some handmade souvenirs. After a few problems with the bus we went back to school and had a very tasty lunch. While lunch break we enjoyed together the good weather and played voleyball and soccer. In the afternoon we visited the beautiful old town of Alberobello. It is very special because it consists of old, tiny houses called trulli. This type of houses are very traditional there and create with their white, round facades with dark peaked roofs a nice view. Exhausted by the exciting day we returned to the hotel. Later we met for dinner at the old town of Conversano like the day before and enjoyed a funny time.

Thursday, 5th May 2022, 3rd day at school

In the morning we had at the I.I.S.S. school a training of the folk dances Tarantella and Pizzica by a professional dancer. Therefore we used our selfmade tamburellos and other Instruments to make music. The girls and female teachers had to wear long colourful skirts. Firstly, we saw some Videos of the dances and then danced in a big circle. Later some older Students joined us and showed us a few dances from Italian Family partys. After another delicious Lunch we walked on foot from school to the Grotte of Castellana. There we had a long guided tour through the dripstone cave. There were many different caves like for example a White one.

Friday, 6th May 2022, 4th day in Bari

We started the day at 8:30am and drove to Bari, the main city of Apulien. The teacher gave us a little city tour and we visited the Saint Nikola church.

After a little break and some free time, we went forward to visit Polignano a mare.. This city is very beautiful with many bays and a beautiful view on the ocean.
In the evening all Italians came to our hotel and we had the farewell dinner and also a big cake four our Erasmus+ Projekt. We enjoyed the last evening and the end of our Projekt, while we were taking about meeting us again in summer. After the dinner we said goodbye to everybody because on Saturday we were leaving at different times.
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